Service & Calibration
Gas Detection

Workers in many industries and workplaces are potentially exposed to a wide range hazardous gases, vapour and chemicals. The safety of personnel and the environment is of paramount concern. Portable & fixed gas detection devices serve as the first line of defense against potentially life-threatening situations by alerting users to the presence of harmful gases, providing early warning and monitoring of exposures.

Why Calibrate?

Regular testing & calibration is a quality control measure, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of these devices. Inaccurate readings can lead to a false sense of security or worse false alarms which undermines the confidence of the operators.

Sensors desensitise or drift over a short time, between <2% to <5% and will require service & re-calibration.

Who Can Service?

Trained and certified, competent technicians according to mnufacturers instructions and EN60079.
MSS Safety is a level 2 MSA Safety technical service partner and provides warranty parts and replacement parts as authorised by the factory.

How Often?

WHS regulations, Australian Standards and similar documents generally recommend calibrating units weekly or monthly until a medium is found which means the units are working effectively. Good practice would include referencing the manufacturer’s instructions for use, which in most cases recommends a maximum interval of six months and provides a guide in relation to:

  • Daily function testing before use
  • Completing formal, documented calibration of instruments regularly or at least every six months (IEC60079/AS/NZS60079)
  • Set up and monitor a gas detection program, including trained personnel to regularly check, monitor and document equipment and personnel
  • Australian WHS regulations specify equipment must be used in accordance with manufacturers guidance.


  • You can bring or send your equipment to your nearest MSS SAFETY office location. We normally assess and quote within 24 hours.
  • Need your unit serviced in a hurry? Call us, we can arrange a standard service & calibration while you wait.
  • Or we can come to you!

Our fleet of service vehicles are equipped for service and calibration of multiple units at your site saving down time and expense. 

Fully Equipped Service Vehicle
Mobile Gas Detection Service

Manufacturer Authorised Service (EN60079.29)

MSS Safety is a technical partner for MSA Safety, Status Scientific and Inte Electrical and is authorised to complete service calibration and high level warranty repairs. We provide service on most brands in partnership with the manufacturer.

MSS Safety’s qualified technicians are able to provide basic to intermediate levels of service including calibration, installation of plug & play replacement parts in accordance with the manufacturers instructions for use.

Where a higher level of service is required that could effect certification of the equipment, (e.g. resoldering boards or hard wired components), to meet the requirements of AS/NZS (EN60079), MSS partners with the manufacturer directly or their local agents for back to base service to maintain certification and warranty.