Service & Dynamic Testing
Breathing Apparatus

Workers in many industries and workplaces are potentially exposed to a wide range hazardous gases, vapour and chemicals. The safety of personnel and the environment is of paramount concern. Self contained breathing apparatus, airline and escape systems are a line of defense against potentially life-threatening situations by alerting users to the presence of harmful gases.

Why Service?

Breathing Apparatus is critical emergency response equipment. It needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it is 100% operational at all times. 

Who Can Service?

Apart from minor cleaning, changing a cylinder and replacing a cylinder connector o ring, servicing can only be undertaken by trained and accredited technicians authorised by the manufacturer.

How Often?

WHS regulations, Australian Standards and similar documents generally recommend that equipment is maintained according to manufacturers requirements ot meet AS/NZS1715 & AS/NZS1716. Each manufacturer requires at least an annual service & dynamic test. Typically other intervals range from 3-12 years for certain tasks. Breathing hydro tests are required at least every 5 years. Users also need to be complete the following in relation to:

  • Complete contents, leak, whistle and face mask leak testing before each use
  • Complete & record monthly checks on equipment
  • All users must be trained at least annually
  • Australian WHS regulations specify equipment must be used in accordance with manufacturers guidance.


  • You can bring or send your equipment to your nearest MSS SAFETY office location. We normally assess and quote within 24 hours.
  • Need your unit serviced in a hurry? Call us, we can arrange a standard service & calibration while you wait.
  • Or we can come to you!

Manufacturer Authorised Service

MSS Safety is a technical partner for 3M Scott & Sabre systems including:

Modul+Air | Centurion   |   Sigma   |   Sigma II   |   Contour   |   ACMs   |   FLITE/FLITE COV   |   ELSA

MSS are a reseller for MSA and connect you directly with MSA service.
MSS are a reseller for Drager and connect you directly with Drager service.

MSS can provide you with free of charge loan units for the duration of the service off site. Ask us about options.

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