BA Cylinder Hydro Tests

Have your cylinders been tested correctly?

Compressed air, particularly stored compresssed air at two to three hundred times normal atmospheric pressure, is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injuries if not handled correctly.

Breathing Air cylinders such as those fitted to Self Contained Breathing Air (SCBA) systems are required to have regular hydrostatic tests to ensure the integrity of the cylinder walls at regular intervals, typically 3 years (DOT) or 5 years.

Have your cylinders been tested correctly?

To ensure the safety of these devices, there are specific requirements for this type of vital safety testing.

AS2030 and AS2337 require specific tests at intervals specific to the construction of the cylinder to take place anything from every 12 months to up to five years apart. These tests have to undertaken at an approved and accredited test centre.

There is a requirement for cylinders to be marked with specific indications that this has been completed.

A list (Ref: MP48) of the current approved test centres and what cylinders they are accredited to test can be found here.

Test Centre Markings

MP48 also notes the specific icons (page 26) which indicate the cylinder has been tested correctly.

Your freshly tested cylinder should bear a mark as below:

This mark, with the specific cylinder shape indicates the type of cylinder tested.The number in the middle refers to the specific test centre where it was completed.
3-14These numbers underneath the icon refer to the month/year the test took place e.g. March, 2014.

The test centre will also provide an official certificate, again with the test centre icon and dates of completion.

Why take a chance? Ensure your cylinders are tested correctly.

If you have any questions about your cylinders, inspection frequency, SCBA service or just need your cylinders refilled, dont hesitate to contact us for some obligation free advice.

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