Height Safety Equipment
Accredited Inspection

All MSS Height Safety Equipment Inspectors have a dual role as Serivce Techs and Accredited trainers They are trained and accredited to complete formal inspections, document and provides reports on the outcomes, in accordance with AS1891.4 and manufacturers instructions for service and inspection.

Why Inspect?

As per AS1891.4-2009 9.1 it is a requirement for all height safety equipment including safety harnesses, ropes, slings, lanyards and so far are required to be inspected before and after use by the operator.

Who can inspect?

 Pre and post use inspections need to be completed by the operator. Formal inspections must be complete by a Height Safety Equipment Inspector.

Where can my equipment be inspected?

MSS Height Safety Equipment Inspectors can complete most inspections at your site, minimising downtime.


Each fall arrest item is marked or tagged with the date of inspection and the next due date as required  by AS1891.4 9.3.4 (c)
Inspection & Test reports are normally completed and available within a few hours of job completion. These vital and detailed compliance reports are produced in accordance with AS1891.4 9.10.
All test and inspection reports are made available via the MSS Safety Service Report Portal. The portal sends the registered authorised person(s) an email when new reports are ready to view and download.
The portal is available 24/7 so you can have unlimited access. Contact us for a demo.
What is included in our reports?
 Each inspection report includes a quick reference register of all the items inspected, including life left, serial number, remove from service etc.
 Each item has its own unique report which complies with inspection requirements from AS1891.4 XX
 All our reports include photographic evidence of failure or faults which have casued the item to fail inspection
 Our inspectors will provide insight on how the equipment is being used and provide recommendations to improve the life of the equipment
 MSS will provide a no obligation competitive quotation for like for like replacements.

How Often?

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